Pyrite Crystal 2”

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Stunning and powerful genuine pyrite crystal cluster. Each of these raw natural crystals will vary by size, color and/or shape averaging around 1.75 inches in the range of 1 inch to 2.5 inches.

Pyrite, like citrine, is a powerful stone for generating wealth and abundance. It brings luck and prosperity and is a very protective crystal. It stimulates intellect and enhances memory, helping recall relevant information when needed. Use your pyrite crystal for grounding and to manifest money.

Photos of the pyrite pieces shown here are to display the size, color, quality and variation in appearance and do not necessarily reflect the stone received identically. Although your stone may or may not be pictured, you can rest assure that the variation is minimal and the photos are an accurate representation of what you will receive. Every crystal is unique and will have natural differences, please know that each piece has been selected by hand and chosen for its quality, beauty and properties.