Okay Oracle Deck

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The Okay Oracle Deck: 60 illustrated cards to inspire creativity, intuition and feeling ok. Details: 60 cards 2.75 x 4.75 card with a 1 depth tuck box (tarot card size) matte laminated cards, silky smooth for shuffling Full color Okay Shoe blobby universe designs on both sides Each front design is unique The Second edition of the Okay Oracle is here! 18 new cards and a brand new tuck box so you can keep your Okay deck on you at all times and find okay-ish-ness wherever you go. The Okay Oracle deck is a self-guided divination and intuition tool. This deck of 60 cards is designed for intuitive mindfulness and intention setting, so that anyone can read the cards without prior deck-reading experience - even you! The Okay Oracle can help prompt your intuition and connect you to your rhythm using whatever experience you bring to the table. Something equal parts lofty, poetic, practical and digestible. Interpreted in any way, different meaning any day.